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Women's Spa Box-Small

$ 26.06

Hello from Essentially Naturals. Why not pamper the one you love with a nice Spa Box? You can choose whatever scent that is listed on our site to complete your box. The following will be included in the small Spa Box.

1- Bar of Soap (Melt n Pour or Cold Processed) OR 1-4 oz Liquid Soap(Body Wash)

1- 2 oz Body Butter OR 1- 2 oz Lotion

1- 2 oz Bath Salt OR 1 - 2 oz Body Scrub/Facial Scrub

1-Sample Size of Pain-Away Salve

1-Sample Size of Muscle Madness

1-Lip Balm

1- 5 ML dram of any essential oil scent of your choosing

1- Small Bath Bomb

1-Mini Deodorant

*** For all Spa boxes please send an email with your detailed listing of all the scents you wish to be included in the boxes*** Please be specific as possible in your requests. I.E. which scent for each product included in the boxes.****

 Thank you!