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Men's Deodorant

$ 6.00

We know what your questions are? How is THIS deodorant any different than those that are currently on the market?  First of all, this deodorant doesn't contain any harsh additives, chemicals, you know those things that aren't HEALTHY?   You will NOT find anything chemically harmful or any hard additives, this deodorant is 100% all Natural.

What is so special about THIS deodorant? It DETOXES!   Yep, We are SO convinced that it detoxes and you'll like it, you can even have someone SMELL your PITS! Yep, lift that arm up and have someone SMELL them. Your thinking GROSS right? After a few months of use... they WON'T SMELL! (Please wait a few months before attempting to do this or you will be considered WEIRD & GROSS). JUST sayin!

Ingredients: Beeswax or Candelilla Wax or Carnuba Wax (vegan choice of waxes), Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Arrowroot powder and Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) and various Essential Oils. 

Extra Strength- Has Tamanu Oil, Neem Oil, Kaolin Clay & Bergamot, Frankincense & Pachouli. 

We can even add your favorite Cologne Scent! Men's Cologne Fragrance Oils: All of our Fragrance Oils are 100% uncut, pure, skin-safe, and ready for use.


*Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. Essentially Naturals has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances was created through chemical analysis and reproduction, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark. These are perfume oils, not original perfumes or colognes.

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